Incoherent: SM Town Live in Tokyo Special Edition!

I haven’t blogged about my emotional departure from my dormitory, sorry, internet connection is sparse. For now, let me spazz about SM TOWN LIVE IN TOKYO!!!

Can I just say that this is probably the only reason why I still am staying in Japan? I thought I wouldn’t be able to go at first, so I was really happy when they added another date for Tokyo Dome and when I managed to win a ticket! And get this, I got an ARENA SEAT! It wasn’t as near to the stage as I was in Super Show 2, but it was okay :) Not that far!

Come on, it’s SM TOWN Family. I like almost all of them!!! Getting to watch this is a dream come true– although I have seen SHINee, 少女時代, and Super Junior before, so it meant I was really looking forward to seeing Tohoshinki.

And by golly.

The opening acts were the lesser known SM talents. I was a bit sad for them because they just started things suddenly without even warning, and some people were still getting into their seats. Tenjochiki was really talented and their Japanese is good too! :)

The first mainstream act to show up is Kangta. He’s not really popular in Japan, but his second song gained lots of attention because it was a duet with f(x)’s Sulli, and SHINee’s Onew made an appearance. *cue screams*

Then it was the popular acts! f(x) is going to debut in Japan too! And SHINee, wow! I didn’t know they had sooo many fans here. It was crazy. The fans acted like they were Korean. Hahaha!

I was so shocked when Yesung popped out in front of me, lol. KRY! <3 Cue crazy, shouting me. Unfortunately enough, Kyuhyun was assigned far from me, and so he will be for the rest of the night. We’re not meant to be, honey.

I don’t have time to enumerate all of the acts (and my memory is poor) but after f(x), SHINee performed. Then Shoujo Jidai, Super Junior, BOA.. I think they were saving Tohoshinki for the final act. Good thing they did was they spread out the artists’ hits, with the more popular ones coming late into the concert.. so even until the end you get to see the kouhais f(x) and SHINee. There were also special stages!

I have always loved Super Junior. And I was so happy when they performed Perfection, gaaaah Henry and Zhoumi came too! ;__; Heechul is not there, of course, and so is Siwon~ I am also so happy to have seen Mr. Simple performed live <3 And I was screaming the fanchants. GAH I LOVE YOU GUYS. Donghae is perfectly amazing God’s gift to womankind. I don’t know what God is trying to tell me, because Kyuhyun always goes to the places away from me :))

SHINee has improved a lot since I last saw them (when they were still children :)) LOL at Jonghyun’s arms, didn’t get to see him much because he was always at the center. But SHINee loved their harnesses- they were always flying in the air. While Lucifer, Minho was flying near our side and there was this spotlight shining on him, he was like an angel :)) I had too much Minho tonight. Not complaining!

SNSD was as flawless as ever, despite the lack of Sooyoung. I think Yuri’s a bit healthier now (she still did the chick gag lol so funny). Yoona was really popular as well, but I’m glad to see Hyoyeon is getting some love :)

Speaking of Hyo, the dance battle was so amazing. Minho was there, again. xD But Eunhyuk and Taemin, and Luna and Hyo, OMG get it gurrrrrl.

And YES, TOHOSHINKI OMG ASHAGDHSDGSHKDHSDGSJK. SO AMAZING AS EVER. They had a lot of fans, too. Yappari ne? Changmin was soooo cute OMG still the maknae as ever and OMG Yunho’s chest! xDD They are really amazing performers. They sang live, their energy is unmatchable and even their MCs were funny. CHANGMIN YOU ARE BACK IN MY LIFE. *kicks Kyuhyun out* (just kidding!)

I’m so happy, SM Town is like my K-pop family <333 I feel so accomplished, it was so worth the money and wait :) I felt really sad halfway through it because it is one of my last activities in Japan, and I don’t know if I will ever get to go to another SM Town again :( And it’s really a different experience.

I was sitting with a fanmom, and four fanboys :)) The guy beside me was dancing to Bad Girl and Sorry Sorry whyyy. I liked it when he said that SuJu’s Mr. Simple stage was 最高 (the best) <3 The fanmom actually talked to me, she was so nice! She and her daughter I guess, are SNSD fans. They found it cool that I know all of the artists very well :) Still, I think 85% of the audience were female~ HAHAHA. The high school girls behind me sound like Korean fangirls. They knew all the fanchants!

And alas, no fancams/pics from me :) I followed the rules, now! Also, they were very strict, as in some guy was roaming the aisles every 10 minutes or so, looking at the audience.



I am tempted to blog this in Tagalog; I am too embarrassed if they ended up reading this blog.

Last week I had an awesome time in Nagano. I went with the students of the English Department of Daito Bunka University, for their annual English summer camp.

I decided to come because I needed money, and I have nothing to do for a week anyway. Just that, baito. To be honest after the orientation, I felt a bit nervous and scared to go because they seem to be  typical Japanese students ( not that there is anything bad with that, of course– but maybe students from Gaidai are just a different, and rare, breed.) I thought the English thing was just an excuse for them to hang out, I expected only bad things, basically. Pessimist me, I know xD.

And then I ended up having the time of my life. Which is really sad, because my days in Japan are numbered. I cannot hang out with this people anymore, more so join next year’s camp.

It wasn’t entirely perfect– I had my shortcomings, everybody had, and I failed in some things. I think I’ve become so socially inept with the past year that I’ve been here. Even so, considering that, I still had fun, I met lots of people and even some people who I will probably remember forever, and even look up to. Even if it was just five days and four nights, I made friends with people and talked to them about a lot of things.

It was really sad, especially during the final night. Everybody was crying for their senpais and friends and yet I could not shed a tear. I don’t think I’m that horrible, but now I want to cry all my tears out. I never thought I would actually go crazy and feel fuzzy after exchanging emails, becoming Facebook friends or even just gaining a twitter follower (which is bad, I don’t really give away my twitter to my foreign friends because I’m scared what they’ll think of my spamming and bitching on there). That amazing people would say sweet messages to me even though I’ve had so many shortcomings, and that people would feel sad– even cry– when they said goodbye to me.

More so, I’ve never been so proud to be who I am. I know Japan has given me some identity problems, but there are actually people who feel sad to have never felt they were Filipino, that wish they can speak Tagalog and (Philippine) English, or that there are people who wished they have stepped in our country.

It’s kinda embarrassing that some people who only have a tiny drop of Filipino blood in their veins would seem much more proud of that heritage than people who have been living in the Philippines for their whole lives.

Thank you guys. Maybe I will never meet you again, and someday we’ll forget each other’s names and faces, but I meant it when I said that despite coming there to teach, I actually learned more from everyone else. I may have written similar messages in your booklets but it is true, I do wish you all the best of luck in everything you do.

This booklet is now one of my most prized possessions. :) (kahit maraming hindi nagsulat, aysows xD)



I have only posted about dramas and movies recently, which is sad! So, I will tell now about some things that happened in real life.

By the end of July, I went to Shizuoka for another homestay program. This one was a bit different, because it was sponsored by my university, and it’s only for three days. I thought that part was rather unfair, and it appeared more that we “slept over” for two nights, because for the duration of the day, we were out and about exploring the town. Field trip? !

Shizuoka is actually not that far from Tokyo– a mere two prefectures away. Most people wouldn’t be familiar with this place, so I guess you would be if I told you it is where Mt. Fuji is. :) Actually, it was my reason to go there, but summer is not really a good time to look at Mt. Fuji– it’s always surrounded by clouds. (Yappari, summer is for climbing the mountain- which I cannot do xD)

Shizuoka is also Japan’s largest consumer of tea (Kagoshima second), and that is largely what they are famous for- TEA~! The bay near Shizuoka, Suruga, is also Japan’s deepest, and Izu Peninsula is Japan’s “hidden paradise”.

Anyway, we went to Numazu, a small city near Mt. Fuji. They are also close to the bay, so people’s livelihoods mostly revolve around fishing, salt, and tourism. We got to experience temple life, zen, and then witness the history of the area.

My only wish is that I had more time to spend with my host family– they are a relatively modern family, with two elementary school children, and a newly-built (pretty) modern house. I love them for being so openly interested in the Philippines– they even have books and so! We talked a lot, even past midnight, and I am glad to share what I know about my country with them.

When I was on the bus home, the mom emailed me and told me, among other sweet things, that for their family, the Philippines has become a special country. And that’s enough for me,  I thought. I may not have had the chance to talk or meet thousands of people here or go to many places, but I’m happy that I get to have that effect on their lives. :)

Anyway, funny (or not), during my last night, a large earthquake happened, whose epicentre happened to be in Shizuoka. Really? It was strong, so I woke up . I was supposed to go back to sleep after but I realized the house is quite near the ocean D: It was my strongest so far (since I didn’t feel 3/11). Thankfully everything was fine. I just cannot forget how I felt when I saw that the epicentre was in the very place I am in. xD (Actually, I am really scared of earthquakes now :-S)

Disney Sea

About two weeks ago, I finally visited Disney Sea! Yup, in Japan there’s not only a Disneyland, they even have another Disney theme park (just beside the other), called Disney Sea– mainly because it is close to Tokyo Bay. It is surrounded by the beautiful harbor.

Like many other people, I am of the opinion that Disney Sea is more for adults– while Disneyland has the loved original characters, Disney Sea takes on more of the popular adventure characters, rides and movies. Proof of that is just the signature landmark: while Disneyland boasts of the majestic castle of Cinderella, Disney Sea’s centerpiece is a volcano! Continue reading “Disney Sea”